It is our pleasure to make this presentation to you.

All growth
Requires the relinquishment
Of the old form for the new

Your essence will remain the same
But to reach a larger audience
Your expression requires change

Nothing speaks clearer
Than a powerful stance
An undeniable position
A certain name

But nothing will be heard
By those who seek your services
Until you speak in a way
That is heard by all

In a manner that is beautiful


Naturally Simple

When you step into your best authentic expression

you naturally attract
your Gold Standard clients

Your symbol and your name must contain what you do for them


This is the way forward


Our solutions are rooted in a deep understanding of the human psyche & subconscious drivers. 

Let’s begin with a high-level summary:


Getting you set with the correct foundation NOW

~ $168k Initially




Giving you the best strategy ONWARD

~ $9–12k Monthly

Our work is from seed to fruit. Your work is to collect the harvest.



You don't need a marketing agency
You need clarity
And then the correct marketing initiatives

Our entire process is designed around producing an introduction in an instant. 

An art of immediate impression. 

Our strengths are in three main areas:


Which includes all aspects of naming and framing


Through smart digital marketing and intelligent landing


Holistically conveying your essence efficiently and conceptually through visual presentation

Here is the breakdown





$168k – 176k

IDENTIFICATION of Essence = Identity


First, we will define WHAT you are… This begins with a clarification of your brand essence through name and positioning, to be expressed visually in aesthetics, and further anchored in fundamental symbology.


  • Corporate Naming & Positioning Strategy based on:
    • Primal subconscious awareness.
    • Integrated & multi-faceted services.
    • Unique aspects of your firm and personnel.
    • Market factors.
    • Other positioning considerations.
  • Ideation and research process.
  • Guidance on best options and serve up 3-5 naming options for approval.
  • Work with IP attorney to research conflicts.
  • Assistance with filing of FINRA application.

= $25,000


We pay a lot of attention to the little things that work together to define your expression. Includes: 

  • All processes involved in a holistic approach to the exploration, discovery, presentation, definition and standardization of our creative deliverables. 
  • Corporate Identity Design for one, both or a family of brand marks. 
  • Initial consideration for the standardized set of supporting colors, font treatments, graphics and elements which create the overall visual aesthetic that represents who you are (which are extended in the deliverables below).
  • Brand kits with assets uploaded to your website for easy acquisition and use by all staff (on a “hidden” media page). 

= $7,000

You have an opportunity to extended your brand with symbological form and standardized textures. In the modern marketplace, brands need to be elastic and highly extendable across all media. This is one way to help achieve harmony in all areas of your presentation.

  • Symbolism is primal essence. Used well, it speaks volumes. Used magnificently, it reinforces your brand as it integrated all aspects of your authentic essence.
  • Iconization Strategy & Design – Where other sites use stock icon sets, yours will remarkably different. We’ll create a set to cover your web needs that look and feel like the rest of you. 
  • Global Textures – We’ll choose and create a set of images and graphics that support your brand. Subtle, complimentary, effective and everywhere. Like back-up dancers in the show. 

= $3,500

Your brand must be easily executable by all staff. We will create an easy-to-understand guide on how to present you brand standards. 

  • We suggest a “Light Style Guide,” which is more cost-effective (usually ranges between 5-10k).
  • Given the size of your company, it’s likely you do not a full version with marketing channels and the other variables, but we can do this if desired. They normally land between 15-20k. 
  • As a bonus: If desired, we will include the creation of a web page that contains the style guide and allows direct downloads of all assets. 

= $5,000



Calibrated Content Strategy for the Modern Marketplace.

  • Mission, vision, values refinement.
  • Tagline development interviews, research, writing and revisions.
  • Messaging framework development.


Audience & Product/Services Refinement:

  • Between the exercise above and the web development, we’ll achieve a crystal clear clarification of products, customers and client levels.
  • Clarified articulation of foundational services, core customers and individual client levels: CSP, Gold Standard, and Outsourced CFO services.
  • Our digital research will also help inform how we craft individual core customer/audience messaging. It’s a highly collaborative activity that will support the above audience clarification activity.

= $8,000

  • Development of Editorial Content Calendar.
  • Development of Social Media Strategy.
  • Tactical Execution of Social Media.
  • Development of Thought Leadership Strategy.

= $8,000

Everything we need to align past marketing initiatives with current content directions for our strategy onward.

  • Existing Website, Consumer + Content Audit
    • Evaluation and Analysis of all traffic to website to understand audience interests, behaviors and demographics.
    • Uncover what content and pages are connecting with your visitors most and what is it not to best align new content creation with.  What can we move away from and what can we expand on to strengthen your authority in the market.
    • Determine ways to improve positioning and align your content mapping based on key performance indicators in your website analytics.
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
    • Domain Analysis takes all of your competitors’ websites and compares them to your performance in order to determine content strategies that are thriving in your market.
    • Positioning Analysis will be understanding the key differentiators, both good and bad, for tone and branding against your competitors.
  • Buyer Personas + Buying Scenarios
    • Creation of an ideal customer framework based on our digital research and data about existing customers and website visitors.
    • Identifying segmentation strategies for lead nurturing based on intake points, persona’s and overall marketing goals.
  • Market Audit
    • Discovering top opportunities for digital positioning based on market search demand and intent.
    • Review and Analyze trends to align digital target marketing for most optimal results for lead generation.

= $8,000


$104,400 – 112,400

Taking all Communications & Media to a whole new level. 

A comprehensive and cohesive set of your required items for print communications. 

  • Collateral: Standard Business Set:
    • Business Card Templates.
    • Letterhead Template.
    • Mailing Envelope Templates (2).
    • Mailing Sticker/Label Template.
  • Document Templates:
    • PowerPoint Template.
    • Word Document Template.
  • Folder/Presentation Kit.
  • 4 Pages of Sales Sheets or a Comprehensive Multi-fold Company Overview Brochure.
  • Estimate or Proposal Template:
    • We’ll take what you send to potential clients and apply the new brand standard.
    • We’ll also revise the language to fortify it with new positioning. 
  • Signage – We’ll address how the brand should be presented in your building.  
  • Swag & Misc. – We’ll create a few templates that will work for most items. 

= $16,400

We address and craft websites as a Digital Ecosystem™ which seamlessly integrates all digital marketing needs and creates systems for in-house staff.

Our strategy includes consideration for 1 or 2 websites, assuming:

  • A re-development of using current content assets as the primary site.
  • Rock Island may be handled as a subdomain, merged or built out as a second site (most likely) in a similar framework, but smaller in scope.


Includes comprehensive web design and development with extra attention to the following items:

  • Pruning of outdated/ low performing pages and URL redirection for valuable-producing content (to maintain Search Engine ranking).
  • Analysis and guidance for the strategic considerations to ensure maximum reduction of cybersecurity threat.
    • This is important for FINRA compliance. 
    • We will walk you through the process and technical decisions will need to be made and implement chosen direction.
  • Intentional Touchpoints – Ensure the client experience is enriched with your brand messaging in every way possible. 
  • Much attention to modern user experience factors (Intelligent Landing™) and UI considerations.
  • Naturally Responsive Framework:
    • Each site we develop is created for the 3 most common “breakpoints”: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.
    • Thorough consideration is given to each element for how they respond on each device. We do not need separate content or sites to accommodate device variances.
    • With the continual increase of mobile device use, a substantial amount of energy will be directed toward its optimization. 

= $70,00

  • Investment recommendation based on the development of refreshed web content for combined DS+B / Rock Island brand.
  • There are unknowns regarding the number of pages that will need to be created (in total) as part of the brand refresh. Until we have access to a comprehensive site map and can conduct an audit this budgetary number is a safe placeholder.

= $8000 – $10,000

  • Conceptual: We need a budget for licensing and/or producing authentic conceptual imagery, should we choose to go in that direction.
  • Corporate Stock: 1-2 shooting days to assemble a library of professional photos that are yours. You doing your thing. Not stock.

= $4,000 – $8,000

Optional Considerations: Headshots & Lifestyle Photography Add-Ons

1. Headshots: All Partners & Staff

    • Better lighting and expression.
      • Capture a standard shot along with 1-2 off-camera/informal/fun variations.
      • 2-3 images per person @ ~40 employees and ~6 Partners.
    • Branded scenery or unique backgrounds.
    • Similar to what Allen did for BerganKDV in 2019.
    • Correlates with thought leadership directives. More features in your media create the need for more photo assets.

OPTIONAL = $12,500

2. Partner Environmental Photography

    • Show more of who the person really is.
    • Correlates better with thought leadership directives.
    • Copy space consideration for use as “Hero Imagery” in web sections and articles.
    • Candid + Formal + In-Between. Have a small library of images to use for each person.

OPTIONAL = $4,500

  • 1-2 minute video on home page that hits all the key phrases. 
  • Combination of staff, clients and conceptual. 
  • Modern shooting techniques and style to match the contemporary brand expression. 

= $6,000 – $8,000

Optional Consideration: “About Us” Video:

    • Not necessary for year one, but could be done. Consider in year 2.
    • Ballpark budget provided for consideration

OPTIONAL = $12,00 – 22,000

Calibrated Reverberation = Expansion


Our entire presentation is interwoven with a Go-To-Market Plan. If you desire a more formal approach, we can certainly offer it, but we did not include these options in our pricing. Given the nature of our content creation process, all components will unfold naturally to solidify the clarity within the strategy we are presenting in this proposal.

High-Level GTM Summary

Brevity is beautiful. If you’re satisfied with a short summary or a one-sheet overview of all the actionable items in this presentation put within a CTM framework, we’d be pleased to present one.

OPTIONAL = 500 – 700

Formal GTM Plan

A comprehensive plan may also be offered to more clearly lay out the varying audiences in the convergence of the firms. We’d more effectively address all areas we do in our approach, and add a sales strategy, which is the key element missing from this. We’d begin discovery in-step with content research earlier in the development process. The end product will provide the recommendations in a formal proposal. 

 OPTIONAL = 8000

The list below summarizes the activities provided in the spreadsheet. This procedure warrants more discussion with your ELT at the appropriate time. We can conduct, oversee and assist with as much or as little as needed and will collaborate with your Marketing Manager to discuss this. Much of our input will depend on their competency and bandwidth.
  • Reveal and coaching to Partners.
  • Reveal and coaching to staff.


  • Brand launch activities.
  • Online launch activities.
  • External education events:
    • Client Awareness Campaign.
    • PR initiatives: Decisions, firm engagement & execution.


  • Project Completion tasks & activities.
  • Graduation to or continuance with ongoing Fruition initiatives below.



Because all this 
Comes through 
In all you do
As you come into




$8.5k – $12k

Dynamic Digital Marketing™ Retainer

$7,500 – $8,500

  • Smart Solutions for the Modern Marketplace – We stay atop all that’s happening and your strategy remains fluid. 
  • Intelligent Landing™ – Intentional, targeted strategies that pull together best practices in multiple areas so prospects land in a place where they are well-informed and get where they ned to go.
  • No more topical approaches. We’re diving deeper.
  • These are the essential base items for an effective strategy onward.

Provide ongoing content support, direction and governance. Inclusive of the following activities:

  • Implementation of editorial strategy/calendar.
  • Copy updates to existing web pages (excludes development of new pages).
  • Social posting & monitoring.
  • Governance of messaging with staff and marketing support resource(s).

= $1,500

Investment recommendation for the development of blog content based on an updated cadence of posts per month.

  • Currently posting an average of three blogs per month that focus on topical content.
  • Recommend expanding by one more yo leverage additional thought leadership opportunities. 4 blogs monthly.
  • These blogs could be a vehicle/home for thought leadership as well as LinkedIn articles that drive back to the site.


Fee structure:

  • For simplicity, we averaged these at $500/blog.
Continuation of 3 Article Frequency = $1500
New Recommendation of 4 Article Frequency = $2000

Email Marketing Copy

  • To correlate with the email nurturing campaign objectives, we need copy.
  • A budget of $300/month for this will be taken from the Agency Retainer below. 

Digital is changing at such a rapid rate, the field is seeing more specialization than ever before. Our team thrives on the cutting-edge as we regularly see other agencies offering outdated digital practices. Fresh perspectives and fluid strategies will be shared with you continually. 

We bring a fierce combination of digital marketing expertise and execution to elevate the emotion and speak to the deep-rooted needs of your customers.  You will see how the powerful alignment of representing your business’s truest self, connected with these essential digital marketing efforts can transform your business.


Search Engine Optimization:

All the “under the hood” SEO configurations + ongoing calibration = getting a good score in terms of what Google is looking for.

  • On-Site SEO
    •  Title tag generation based on highest demand and aligned keywords for your highest opportunity for growth in Google
    • H1 and H2 Tags for optimization
    • Local Search Marketing
    • Google My Business Optimization
  • Blog + Content Strategy
    • We align with Michele’s schedule of compelling content for auditing for Search Engine Optimization best practices in order to further grow organic positioning and rankings in Google. 
    • Implementation of content and blog
    • Keyword Monitoring + Positioning of blog content to drive the most authentic engagement but also a strategic approach for growth in Google keywords
  • Pinterest Strategy + Execution
    • Repurposing of blog/content to drive high organic placement in Pinterest in order to influence and inspire small business owners in your core demographic
    • Pinterest may sound silly for your business, but it’s an incredibly important contributor to other ranking factors
  • Ongoing keyword monitoring and positioning across all keywords
  • Disavowing of toxic backlinks.
  • Aligning organic and paid search strategy to increase the results of both.


Google Ads / Pay Per Click Campaign Management:

The most controlled way to get you into the exact audience you’re looking for.

  • Create Ad campaigns based on demographics, geographics and keywords for best attracting ideal customers.
  • Keyword selection based on high performing keywords
  • A/B Testing
  • Management of up to $2,500 per month budget in Google/Bing (Separate from management fee)
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Dedicated PPC Specialist


Email Marketing Management:

  • Platform comparison for best technology suited for our needs with cost analysis
  • Smart Email opt-in on website to capture new email subscribers and grow our email list
    • Includes design of conversion box with eye-catching visuals and messaging
    • A/B Testing
  • Set up of email automation cadence once new subscriber opts in
  • 2 MONTHLY nurturing email designs created for client approval and delivered to the full subscriber list
  • Analytics and reporting on open rate, click-through rate and engagement
  • Calibration of emails based on best performing for engagement 


Social Media Retargeting Campaign Management: 

  • Warm lead nurturing – Ad creation for up to 6 social retargeting display ads with the sole purpose of reminding your potential and existing customers of the value you provide and the ease you provide to their business.
  • Management of ongoing ad budget up to $1,500/month.
  • Analytics and reporting of campaign engagement.
  • The initiative of retargeting will be to increase our conversion rates from abandoned sessions to your website.
  • Team consists of a dedicated Social Media Ad Consultant & Creative Director.

= $2,000

Managerial and coordination responsibilities for pulling together all the components that must sing together to work in concert. Includes the following:

  • Comprehensive account management.
  • Training and basic web support for Marketing Director.
  • WordPress Care Plan:
    • Monthly and quarterly maintenance activities to keep your site(s) running smoothly, backed up and secure. 
    • Up to 2 hours of support or implementation assistance requests per month.  

= $2,500

Recommended Ad Spend Budget

$1,000 – $1,500

  • We’ll walk you through best practices beginning with this recommended investment.
  • We’ll meet monthly to continually assess ROI and make informed in-flight adjustments.
  • Ads are now a requirement as Google becomes more “pay-to-play.”
  • This is a safe and effective place to start based on your business.

= $750 – $1,500

  • Retargeting is a cost-effective way to gain a better impression on those who left your site. 
  • Monthly reviews of Analytics and campaign engagement will inform us of your ROI and how to best leverage retargeting to increase our conversion rates from abandoned web sessions.

= $250

Optional: Video Production Enhancement


  • Amplifies Thought Leadership connection + backend/strategic/”secret sauce” benefits.
  • Recommended 3-6 month trial for you to see how it integrates and measure impact.

The web is continually evolving toward increased video delivery. This is a prime opportunity to enhance all Thought Leadership objectives. 

We recommend starting with a simple system to get this going in your organization. It’s the most direct channel and cost-effective way to reveal the best of who you are… masters of clarity and connection.


Objectives & Strategy:

  • Elect one or multiple individuals to be the face of your brand.
  • This Face/Host brings together the expertise and individuality of other firm Partners and members to reveal your authenticity and depth/breadth of knowledge.
  • Highly connective, easy way to invite engagement in web interactions.
  • Reveal personality within the facts, findings and industry/governance happenings. Have fun with it. Merge accounting, wealth management or business principles into everyday life metaphors…. being creative here can bring massive growth opportunity to your business.


Production Execution:

  • We start with monthly meetings in your office to capture one 2-3 minute video for every relevant blog post, article or objective.
  • After 3-6 months, this initiative may evolve into other forms of production or be discontinued if deemed ineffective.
  • Includes transcription service for metadata (SEO).
  • Production level: Medium.
    • Professional lighting & audio.
    • Leverage office environment or downtown scenes.

= $1,500

Additional consideration for Content Director to guide and be onsite for all shoots to direct this initiative within the greater framework of the global content strategy.

= $500


Summary Of Ranges & options

Essentials Only

$ 8,500 Monthly
  • Thought Leadership Cadence:
    3 Articles Per Month
  • No Video Production
  • Ad Spend: Lower Range

4 Articles, No Video

$ 9,500 Monthly
  • Thought Leadership Cadence:
    4 Articles Per Month
  • No Video Production
  • Ad Spend: Lower Range

Recommended Approach

$ 12,000 Monthly
  • Thought Leadership Cadence:
    4 Articles Per Month
  • Video Production Enhancement
  • Ad Spend: Upper Range

eXPRESSIng what you are
fully and clearly
in symbol and word
at the deepest levels of consciousness
Is of value
To you
And to all

We show our work

Here are the tools we used to create this presentation. The Investment Analysis spreadsheet may be useful in your comparisons.
We ask that no other agency sees these tools, this site or our presentation. 

Feel free to have another look at the Design Explorations & Layout Examples we went over in our discussion:

We can work within the original timeline established in the spreadsheet you provided, or we offer the alternative to turn this around more swiftly. Our next step is for us all to sit down and begin the planning process.

This proposal is subject to availability and valid for 30 days (15AUG2020). 


Please contact Allen when you have made the decision to proceed. 

Daire + Kate + Amy + Allen

Thank you.