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Hi, We’re Pathways, a modern marketing agency based in Minneapolis. 

In our world of connective communications, how well you execute your digital strategy directly affects your bottom line. 

Connecting to your audiences correctly brings massive expansion to your business

Positioning + Presentation

Marketing Strategy

We create productive pathways for new opportunity to arrive all across the web. We’ll help you navigate all the options and serve up the simplest ways to intelligently land those seeking your services. 

Website Development

Your website is the doorway of connection and the foundation of all you do online. We’ll help you craft a compelling experience and engaging interaction that reflects your offering clearly. 

Industries & Areas of Specialization

Hospitality Industry Solutions

Our expertise in engagement and comprehensive digital marketing solutions serve the hospitality market well.

We offer effective, high-conversion websites with robust marketing foundations for resorts, hotels and associations.

Product Marketing & eCommerce

We leverage vast, effective experience in creating eCommerce websites with the whole marketing picture in mind. 

We help product owners large and small position and cross-promote each item across a number of channels in the modern marketplace. 

Online Learning Systems & Strategy

Course creation requires an immense amount of effort and skill to be successful. 

We’ll help you plan, position, and architect your best advantage so you can go into production-ready with what the market wants. Ongoing management services are also available. 

Nonprofit Marketing Foundations

Starting a nonprofit or struggling to get lift?

Engage us early to establish foundational clarity supported by messaging that creates connection and conveys your mission masterfully. 

We have specialized digital marketing services for nonprofit organizations. 

We Can Help Direct Your Marketing

We invite you to leverage the insights of a diverse team of strategists to map out a new trajectory for your business.

We’ll help you navigate the organizational considerations for digital transformation, which are now modern-day requirements. The shift in the modern marketplace is requiring something new at intersection of Marketing, IT and HR.

Our vast, effective experience will illuminate new pathways of opportunity.


The Modern Marketplace is tricky. But we know what works and we see what’s coming.

We’ve had our fingers on the pulse of what’s hot in online marketing since the turn of the century… We’ve seen the digital game change and pivot immensely. Perhaps our best skill is finding the best, unconventional – or what we like to say “unseen” – ways to get in front of buyers and convert seekers into dollars.

What is emerging just this year is one of the biggest shifts in the history of productization and  marketing.

We’re on the precipice. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’ll want to talk to us because it’s especially important to brand owners. 

Natural Philosophy

Beauty Opens Pathways

How well does your online presence reflect the experience your customers have in real-life? If we asked how your brand resonates with customers, might you say your brand is your logo? Or do you see how it reverberates through all touchpoints in your customer experience?

All of our processes are targeted toward one thing: the truest representation of your uniqueness.

Like bees to the flower, your presentation reveals your power.

From Initial Impression to Conversion + After

Natural Connection

Bridges are built through every point of connection as your customer experiences your brand. Organizations that thoughtfully craft interaction and user experience build deep relationships with high brand loyalty. We’re passionate about connection, and seek every opportunity to elicit more potent engagement through every process.



Whether you need highways, byways or backroads of connection
We do all things
As one

Our agency works with companies large and small delivering effective marketing strategy in various forms