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The Hospitality Industry is fiercely competitive

The modern consumer has a thousand options similar to (if not exactly like) what you’re offering. Your digital presence and your findability are your keys to differentiation.

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We Get It

We get it, you feel overworked and underpaid. You had high hopes for time and flexibility with huge business profits but now you just feel like you keep running yourself to the point of exhaustion with no clear direction on how to get out.

Maybe your new bookings or retention has plateaued. Maybe your profit is flat and you are no longer growing. And it’s not for lack of working hard.

Your resort reservations are okay but could be better.
Here are some reasons why you may be experiencing this:

Lack of findability in Google organically and/or paid search
68% of online experiences start in a search engine
Your website lacks emotion. You are not telling the story to ignite a deep emotion and desire to book.
Not easy to book. Your website is likely affecting your lack of increased bookings. Especially if you are not regularly auditing and implementing better ways to get your audience the information they desire quickly
SEO drive 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media
You are not spending enough on marketing!

How would it feel to level up your online experience? How would it change your day to day life by having the team and resources to get people buying from you while you sleep? How would that change your bottom line?

Well, that is what we do. We are actually experts at it. We even make growth in business predictable. Based on your goals, we will formulate a plan and budget to get you there. And instead of hiring an expensive onsite marketing manager, we will be your team to plan and execute the steps for your growth.

Wouldn’t it feel freeing to increase your profit each month without creating extra work for you or your team?

You can have an expert by your side doing what is required to increase your website conversion rate, stop wasteful spending in your business and marketing, lower your average cost per acquisition and help you retain your customers at a higher %? This is everything we do and more.

Our team has over 15+ years in working in:

Website design and development
ux/ui design
Search Engine prominence with both organic and paid channels
Graphic Design
Google Ads
Marketing Strategy and Planning
Sales Enablement
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Automations and Funnel Marketing

So if you are a business owner that thinks:

✔️I want more profit
✔️I want more profiti
✔️I want more profit
✔️I want more profit

Then you deserve to find your path forward.

What will the next 5 years look like for you if you do not invest in your business?
We can actually tell you.

Set up a discovery call with us today!

Google Pay Per Click Advertising

Enjoy the Power of Immediate Sales

Paid advertising is our top skill and a great complement to organic search. While organic is bringing in great long-term traffic, paid can bring in leads right now, for a quick boost of promotion. Our in-house Google Ads Certified Experts have years of experience in high-ROI execution. In fact, they "geek out" about it. Let's challenge them.

Digital Marketing Illustration
Digital Marketing Illustration

Social Media Advertising

Leverage the Most Powerful Social Targeting Techniques

Like to have your customers buy from you more than once? We can place your message directly in front of the people who have engaged with you previously to increase your brand and top-of-mind awareness. We can build your custom audience based on the key factors of your target market’s interests.

Content Marketing Strategy

Engaging Content is the Backbone of Digital Marketing

Content is what drives customers to your site, and helps them answer their questions. We’ll create engaging and relevant content, and distribute it to the world.

When potential customers know you’re an expert, they’ll come to you to buy.

Digital Marketing Illustration
Digital Marketing Illustration

Email Marketing

Email Strengthens Customer Relationships

Email keeps you connected with current customers, and helps bring in potential customers. We’ll create responsive templates, write the emails and send them so you can stay connected. We'll show you how powerful it is to own the relationship between you and your customers and how to leverage your list properly through direct engagement.

Local Search Optimization

Local Reach is Critical for Credibility & Connection

The key component to ranking in local searches is having consistent business information across directories. We work to fix discrepancies, and optimize listings to give you the edge. You want to ensure consistency among all directories, listings and map locations to drive traffic to your site. Your review rating impacts business. We also offer review management, where we increase the prominence of good reviews and minimize the unwanted.

Digital Marketing Illustration
Digital Marketing Illustration

Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Learn the Many Ways to Meet Your Market

Your customers are on social media, and that’s one of the key places you need to be... But it's not always as easy to manage as we hope. We craft and execute creative comprehensive campaigns that engage your target market in many channels to build your brand, and bring in leads.

Search Engine Optimization

A Little Extra On-Site Effort Goes a Long Way

Do search engines know what’s on your site? Is your site optimized to address the types of concerns your potential clients have? You'd be surprised at what an impact even a few tweaks can make in your SERP results.

Site Optimization is the art of discovering what your clients are searching for, modeling your site so that you deliver that value, and then converting potential customers into leads. While SEO & SEM used to be the main game, it's one of many approaches we take in our comprehensive strategies.

Digital Marketing Illustration

We Look at Hospitality Marketing a Little Differently

Raves & Reviews

River Bend Resort, Walleye Inn Hotel as well as our third destination property Sleepy Lagoon Island has been working with the Pathways Marketing Agency since the inception of their company. From the very beginning of our relationship they have been professional and responsive to our needs and wants. It’s not just their technical skills and overall awareness of new trends and technology, however. Every member of the Pathways team have been personable with an amazing positive attitude. Their collective ability to listen and guide us through our digital assets has been astounding. All making our journey with them a real pleasurable experience. Because of this, it is our pleasure to strongly recommend Pathways Marketing and their services.
Paul Johnson
River Bend Resort
Good Stuff

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As the web and WordPress evolves, things can sometimes go awry. Automated processes sometimes break, but we’ve accounted for all of that with smart, proactive measures.

Each of our WordPress Care Packages features our trusted, methodical Monitored Upgrade™ procedures. It’s executed by a human who uses a process of multiple fail-safe measures to reduce the potential of data loss…. An extra layer of attention